How Do You Hide Your Friends On Facebook

As soon as you add someone as a buddy on facebook, He/She could see all your close friend's on your pal list by default. However if you do not want to show your good friend's that somebody details is your close friend on facebook without deleating him, this default feature is not helpfull to you. Especially when your one good friend do not want you to be with your one more pal however you desire to. To address all your Personal matters you may be wanting to hide your single close friend from your facebook friendlist. If you need to know How Do You Hide Your Friends On Facebook, I have created this tutorial for you.

How Do You Hide Your Friends On Facebook.

According to the existing facebook attribute's today, there is not any method to hide a single pal on facebook from your various other pals. But You could obstruct one of your fiend's from seeing all your other buddies. You could conceal all your friend checklist from one certain good friends or more then one pals on facebook so they can not see your other good friends.

You can additionally hide your fiend list from every one of your facebook close friends, as well as just you will be able to see your pals, However if you want to block just one or two pal's from seeing your friendlist, It will certainly be little challenging.


1. Most likely to your profile, Scroll To buddies as well as click on the down arrow on the top right cornor of your friend list.

2. Click Edit privacy Most likely to good friend list section click on the button on right side.

3. Currently if click on Only ME, nobody will have the ability to see your friendlist except you, But if you want to stop just single individual from seeing your friendl list click customized.

4. Now on the customized personal privacy section, add the name of person you desire to obstruct from seeing your friend listing on Don't show to section.

5. Now click save.

That's all regarding how to hide a buddy on facebook, If you have any type of other question or inquiry, you can feel totally free to comment listed below.